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“The future will belong to those who have been able to give tomorrow’s generations reasons to live and hope”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

About Us

EcoOptimist Lda is a Swiss-Portuguese company domicilied on the green Island of Madeira.

Our challenge is to do everything we can to be able to offer the eco-responsible innovations of the future today.

We represent eco-responsible high-tech companies that are leaders in their fields and we develop our own solutions and projects in collaboration with world-renowned research institutes.

Breaking News ! Start of phase 1 of the development of houses printed by drones with ocean plastic waste. Click here to see more !

Bringing products of the futur into the present

Authorized distributor for the Madeira archipelagos


The future is now

Photovoltaic energy production systems

ERTEC is a company dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency across various technological areas, leveraging its strong engineering expertise to build a more sustainable world. They specialize in the study, design, installation, and distribution of energy solutions for homes, collective buildings, and industrial facilities. With a commitment to high standards, ERTEC tailors solutions to the specific needs and project requirements of its clients.

Eco Optimist Lda is the exclusive agency for Portugal


The future of natural water treatment

SwissHydro is a pioneering water treatment solution that revolutionizes the way we manage and optimize our water resources. At its core, SwissHydro employs a unique process where water is subjected to controlled disturbances, effectively dissolving stubborn calcium deposits into fine aragonite powder. This innovative technology not only ensures the removal of encrusted minerals but also neutralizes harmful bacteria, reduces corrosion, and prevents scale buildup along the entire length of pipelines.

One of the standout features of SwissHydro is its autonomy, requiring minimal maintenance and avoiding water wastage. SwissHydro not only saves energy costs and optimizes water systems but also extends the lifespan of hydraulic installations. In essence, SwissHydro is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in natural water treatment.

Authorized distributor

Exclusive distributor for the Madeira and Azores archipelagos


Building the future in bio architecture

BIOTEKT USA, LLC, established in Florida in 2009, is a pioneering American company specializing in earth-sheltered construction systems. Founded by Manuel Lago Granger, an architect and ecologist, BIOTEKT is known for its patented systems, ECOSPHERE™ and OASIS™, offering innovative solutions in prefabricated, modular earth-sheltered building using composite materials.

BIOTEKT is on the path to revolutionizing the sustainable construction industry, with ongoing projects spanning the United States, Mexico, Europe, Reunion Island, and promising prospects in Asia and Australia. Our commitment is to create a lasting difference in housing and sustainable construction practices worldwide.


Low head, Eco-friendly hydropower inspired by nature

The Turbulent team comprises a diverse and multi-cultural group led by two co-founders hailing from Belgium. Jasper, holding Master degrees in Finance and Law, partners seamlessly with Geert, a Master in Electromechanics and Intelligent Mobility. Their collaborative journey began in 2012 during a start-up challenge, and since then, they’ve attracted talent from across Europe, Asia, and South-America, covering IT, sales, marketing, and product development expertise. Additionally, Turbulent benefits from a robust support network of experienced advisors and consultants.

Notably, the Turbulent team has achieved significant milestones, securing Seed funding and Belgian and European research grants since 2015. They are also recipients of support from prestigious programs such as the European Horizon 2020 program, the iMinds/IMEC incubator, StartIt@KBC, Start-up Chile, and Parallel 18.


We are dreamers, we are manufacturers, we are makers: let’s start with 3D printing to save the world

WASP’s journey began with the development of PowerWASP, a versatile 3D printer that milled wood and aluminum and could also print ceramic mixtures. Subsequently, they introduced the Delta WASP range of 3D printers, offering precision and versatility for various printing needs. Notably, the LDM WASP Extruder expanded their capabilities for ceramic materials. In 2015, WASP unveiled the BigDelta, a massive 12m high printer for home construction, following extensive research. They continued to innovate with the release of the Maker Economy Starter Kit in 2016 and the collaborative Crane WASP in 2018, capable of 3D printing houses. WASP’s core mission revolves around 3D printing and sustainable, self-financed projects aimed at revolutionizing production and building “zero-mile” homes with low energy consumption and renewable energy sources.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Albert Einstein

Eco Optimist Think Tank Box

Projects in progress or planning.

In this ideas box we freely offer anyone who might be interested to bring to life projects that are waiting to be “grabbed”. However, some of these projects are already underway.

Eco Optimist Lda is not necessarily an active party in each of these projects.

We firmly believe that each person has their own creative potential and that it is essential to find new perspectives in a world that is constantly changing.

Imagine a place where every idea is valuable, where the seeds of innovation are sown, explored, developed and can be realized.

Don’t be afraid to think differently and explore unknown paths, the ideas box is here to help you unleash your creativity and transform your ideas into concrete actions.

If you have project ideas that reflect our environmental and social values ​​and you would like to see them included below, do not hesitate and submit them to us by clicking on the button below.

Eco social village experimental of Madeira

The eco social village experimental of Madeira is a residential and holiday hotel village which constitutes a constantly evolving experimental platform for international exchanges between players in the fields of sustainable high tech linked to housing and life.

3D printed house in PET

EcoOptimist works together with EMPA

Eco-friendly homes printed by drone with recycled PET from the oceans.

On a global scale, it is estimated that the amount of plastic in the oceans is now between 75 and 199 million tons (which represents 85% of marine litter), and that 24400 billion particles of microplastics are floating on the surface of the oceans. (June 27, 2023)

We have decided to tackle this problem at our own level by removing large quantities of plastic waste from the oceans by using them to print eco-responsible 3D houses at low prices and with high thermal insulation potential. Indeed, we limit the environmental impact to a minimum, since our 3D printed houses are completely covered by a green cover, like a roof garden.

Also out of concern for the environment, we decided to use printing drones to limit civil engineering logistics by avoiding the use of construction machines and their impact on the soil. By also limiting the intervention of many trades on the site or the use of scaffolding, concrete and iron.

The challenge was enormous !


You want to know how we’re going to do it in 90 seconds ? Then watch this little movie!

You can also have a virtual visit of the house by clicking on this video.

If you are only curious or perhaps interested in joining this beautiful and exciting adventure, contact us.

The concept

Our eco-friendly houses are innovative and sustainable solutions for the housing sector.

They are 100% 3D-printed from recycled plastic waste collected from the oceans, which reduces the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of the construction process. They are also stabilized for durability and resistance to weather conditions.

The 3D-printed houses are covered with 40 cm of topsoil, which creates a natural roof garden that offers many benefits. The topsoil layer provides excellent sound and thermal insulation in any climate, whether cold or warm, and helps regulate the indoor temperature and humidity.

The roof garden also enhances the aesthetic appeal and the biodiversity of the houses, and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space. The green roof covering helps combat global warming by absorbing CO2 and reducing the urban heat island effect.

It also blends in with the environment due to its low visual impact and natural appearance.

Natural lime wall coverings

Lime is a natural and versatile material that has many advantages for building construction and maintenance.

It allows the walls to breathe and regulate the humidity level, enhancing the indoor comfort and energy efficiency. It also protects the walls from water damage and provides sound and thermal insulation.

Moreover, lime is a healthy choice as it cleans the air and prevents mold growth. Lime paints are also free of harmful VOCs. Lime is obtained by burning limestone, a natural and abundant rock, and then slaking it with water. It can be mixed with sand, water, and other additives to form mortars, plasters, and paints.

Lime has been used for centuries in architecture and construction, and is becoming popular again in sustainable design.

Clay floors

Clay floors are an eco-friendly and popular choice for flooring. They use local and natural materials that need little processing and are also non-toxic.

Clay floors have compacted layers that make a strong and resilient surface that can handle heavy loads and traffic. The earth’s thermal mass also helps control indoor temperatures, giving natural insulation and saving energy.

They have a unique aesthetic appeal as well with different colors and patterns. The surface can be natural or sealed for more protection. This technique has been used for centuries and is becoming popular again in sustainable architecture and design.

Clay floors are a natural and ecological alternative that connects us to the earth. Walking barefoot on the earth can also heal us. Studies have shown that walking barefoot on the earth boosts antioxidants, lowers inflammation and improves sleep.

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